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Health Disks
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Health Disks energetically support the body during the symptomatic picture used to name the Health Disk. For further details on how they might help support the body look at
Don't forget to buy a Protective Case and Lanyard Strap to help protect your Health Disk (up to 2 per case) when worn.

Health Disk Formulae

The following Health Disk formulae are available. Choose which ones are relevant to you and use the drop-down menu above to order the required Health Disk(s).

Anxiety & Stress: to help support individuals in coping with acute anxiety attacks or panic attacks. It also has a general calming affect containing remedies to support the nervous exam nerves, driving test, phobias, meeting new people or new situations.

Hayfever & Allergies: to help stop or reduce symptoms of serious Hay Fever sufferers 99% of the time. Wear it at high pollen count times of the year to safely and effectively control sore and itchy eyes, an itchy running nose and make life bearable. The Quinton Isotonic and Isotonic Nasal Spray is a good partner to this particular Health Disk. It will help with other allergies too and will enhance the effect of the Insect Bites HD when used together.

Colds & Influenza: to support the body in fighting cold and flu viruses. Enhanced when used alongside the Immune Enhancer HD, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Aerobic Oxygen, Quinton Isotonic and Nasal spray.

Menopausal Flushing: helps to balance female hormones during the menopause thereby reducing symptoms of hot flushes and sweating.  Combines well with the O-Tropin spray, Quinton Hypertonic and Neurvana Pro.

Painful Periods: can be used just in advance or at the onset of period pains for as long as required, or until pain subsides, day and/or night. Works well in combination with the Chakra Restoration Health Disk.  The Resonance Key manufactured by World Development Systems Ltd can also be used directly over the site of pain for those acutely painful times. Quinton Isotonic will also help rebalance hormones. Quinton Hypertonic rapidly helps replace lost minerals.

PMS: helps to balance female hormones to reduce Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. Quinton Isotonic will also help rebalance hormones. Given that HGH is the master hormone that regulates many others O-Tropin may also be beneficial.

Cystitis: helps ease symptoms of cystitis.   May be combined with Candida & Thrush HD as appropriate.  Infection resolution will aided by using alongside Aerobic Oxygen, Quinton Isotonic and cranberry juice.

Weight Balancing: supports people who are looking to control their weight by reducing appetite. This is especially helpful in cases of weight gain due to over-eating associated with emotional or stress factors. In addition the formula helps reduce cravings for sweet foods and drinks.
Obesity can be triggered by the human adenovirus AD-36 which this formula can help counteract.  Cravings (which may be linked to mineral deficiencies) can also be helped using Quinton Hypertonic which stabilises blood sugar and boosts metabolism. O-Tropin helps maintain better muscle:fat ratios. Aerobic Oxygen helps provide an energy boost to maintain faster metabolic rates.

Candida & Thrush: helps the body fight fungal infections.  Would work well alongside Aerobic Oxygen, Quinton Isotonic and Hypertonic and Quinton Dermo.

Osteoarthritis: our most popular formula that helps balance the body in relation to the symptoms of Osteoarthritis thereby helping to reduce pain and inflammation and improving mobility. Supported by taking SE2 stem cell nutrition to help repair joints in people or by giving StemPets and Canine Core Solutions for dogs. Quinton Isotonic and good quality anti-oxidants also help calm joint inflammation and fight free radical deterioration.

Insomnia: helps to beat insomnia and sleeplessness where there are no physical problems causing the insomnia.  Also supported by using Quinton Isotonic and Neurvana Tranquility.

Travel Sickness: To ease that motion sickness feeling on journeys of all kinds (air, sea and land) for those with a sensitive disposition. Also for people who don’t normally suffer motion sickness to help them through exceptional travelling conditions –eg rough seas, stormy flights and erratic drivers!  This formula in tablet form has proven very useful for dogs that don't travel well in cars.  Putting the Travel Sickness HD (in a protective case) in your dog's travel blanket where your dog lies down in the car is another alternative.

Eczema: helps reduce the symptoms associated with Eczema. Combines well with Quinton Isotonic and Dermo Spray.

Muscle & Tissue: A formula with multiple uses!

  • It helps wounds heal including after elective surgery or injury
  • Supports the recovery of muscles during and after exercise. This is aided by Quinton Totum Sport. 
  • Reduces bruising
  • Aids tendon and ligament recovery

Athletes over 30 years of age who wish to maintain their youthful muscle:fat ratio and performance should use O-Tropin spray to support body HGH levels. Works well in combination with MitoQ, Active H2 and Totum Sport.

Sinusitis: to support the body in cases of sinus congestion and inflammation in acute or chronic situations.  Works well alongside Aerobic Oxygen and Quinton Hypertonic Nasal Spray during infections. Quinton Isotonic Nasal Spray helps prevent it returning.

Ear Infection: helps relieve the symptoms associated with middle ear infections. Combines well with Aerobic Oxygen, Quinton Isotonic and Hypertonic Nasal Spray.

Non-Smoking: helps with the process of reducing and stopping addiction to smoking by causing an aversion to the taste of tobacco. It can be worn during the time when giving up smoking and afterwards at high risk times such as social functions where other people will be smoking and when alcohol consumption can reduce your resolve to not smoke. Taking Quinton Isotonic will also help to reduced cravings. MitoQ helps counter some of the adverse effects of smoking.

Liver Balance: to help support liver function, especially during times of detoxification.  Wearers have reported beneficial effects in helping to prevent and minimise hangovers associated with drinking excess alcohol.  Supported by using Quinton Hypertonic, MitoQ, anti-oxidants and Aerobic Oxygen.

Alcohol abuse is not encouraged and responsible drinking should be practised at all times.  The Liver Balance HD is not guaranteed or designed to protect the liver from regular excessive toxin abuse. Although hangover symptoms are reduced, the Liver Balance HD will not reduce the time required by your liver to process any alcohol consumed and you should leave the same time before driving or operating machinery as if you are not wearing the Liver Balance HD.  A healthy lifestyle is encouraged at all times.

Insect Bites: general formula to help the body resist the effects of insect bites, wasps and bees stings etc. This formula can be combined with the Hayfever and Allergy formula to help fight the swelling etc.  Also supported by using Quinton Dermo and taking Quinton Isotonic.

Immune Enhancer: to support general immune system function. Combines well with other HDs formulated with infections in mind, Quinton Isotonic and Aerobic Oxygen.

Hepatitis: to help support the body when recovering from Hepatitis. Works well with Immune Enhancer, high dose Quinton Isotonic, MitoQ and Aerobic Oxygen.

Gastro: helps in cases of gastro-enteritis and food poisoning by helping control the accompanying symptoms of nausea and vomiting. Combines well with Aerobic Oxygen and Quinton Isotonic (drink 1 x 10ml ampoule every 2 hours).

Viral Clearing & Immune Enhancer: to help the body rid itself of viral pathogens. Aided by using Aerobic Oxygen, Quinton Isotonic and Hypertonic, Vitamin D3 and other natrural anti-viral products.

Varicose Veins: helps with varicose veins. Although small thread veins may be seen on the surface you should be aware of the risk of blocked larger veins deeper under the skin that cannot be seen. These can and should be visualised by ultrasound by a vascular specialist if you have concerns with your circulation.  Quinton Isotonic helps prevent RBCs sticking together in rouleaux and blocking veins, as does Aerobic Oxygen. StemFlo has been shown in research to help vascularisation.  The Russian Healing Blanket TMB-01 has also been found to help thin the blood.

Shingles: helps with symptoms of Shingles. Given its viral origin the Viral Clearing HD should help along with Quinton Isotonic, Quinton Dermo, Aerobic Oxygen. DermaStem or MitoQ Skin Serum should help skin recovery.

Burns & Scalds: A general skin injury formula to help healing.  Works well with SE2, Aerobic Oxygen, DermaStem, MitoQ Skin Serum and Quinton Dermo.

Prostate: to provide general support to men.  Combines well with the O-Tropin Spray to maintain a more youthful hormone status and balance for men over 30 years old. Consider Quinton Isotonic and anti-oxidants for additional support.

Product CodeHEAKFS3645
ManufacturerWorld Development Systems Ltd

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