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This e-Store contains a wide range of state-of-the-art and innovative products, designed and tested to optimise health, athletic performance and make you feel GREAT !!!  I only sell products that I have found to work well and that I have personally taken or take on a regular basis. Likewise, the animal products are only listed after I have satisfied myself that they work in my clinical vet practice.

If your dog/cat/horse has been diagnosed with a serious condition and you have been given little or no hope then I have other products I can use but cannot sell openly because I am restricted from making claims about them - similar to the situation with CBD. However with a consultation I can then legally prescribe them. Please visit www.LastHopeVet.co.uk for more details. Thank you.

All prices are listed including their VAT element, although I am no longer VAT registered.  Prices for products that have to be imported inevitably include an element of the price to cover what Roger has already paid to Customs & Excise when they were imported. Prices on other foreign-based sites will not have this already included and you will be liable for import duty and VAT on top of what you pay for any products you buy abroad and get shipped to the UK.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMFs) and 5G especially is a hot topic. Everybody and their pets are effected by this insidious pollutant that is undetectable unless you are consciously electro-sensitive. Many people are more sensitive than they realise but don't attribute their symptoms to EMFs eg headaches, tiredness, poor memory and concentration etc. There is a way that you can mitigate for these effects without losing the functionality of the EMFs. Visit Electromagnetic Solutions – Electromagneticsolution for fuller details. The site also has TOCA products that stop your phone being hacked and/or used to listen in and monitor you.

Have a good browse and enjoy your purchases!  If you have bought something that has helped with a health issue please write a review to help other people find out what could help them and share the link through Social Media to help spread the word.  Many thanks.

Wishing you happiness, longevity and good health.


Roger S. Meacock BVSc


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